Professional Plus Solutions
Delivering innovative solutions to Law Firms
Our People


Professional Plus is all about people. Many successful companies claim that people are their most important asset.  In the case of Professional Plus Solutions, this claim is undisputable. 

 When we recruit consultants to work at Professional Plus, we look for tall poppies, for talented individuals who stand out from the crowd.


All of our consultants are experts in their field. Across the board, they have an average of 10 years experience of working in their area of expertise, with many of them having in excess of 20 years experience.


Our people are happy to take responsibility and are accountable for the success they deliver. Professional Plus consultants are happy to stand up and be counted.

Action Orientated

All too often consultants deliver advice or provide best practice manuals. Not at Professional Plus. Our consultants are action orientated. We practice what we preach. This ethos is the life blood that runs through our methodology for implementation. We don't just pontificate on a subject, and leave it to others to try to deliver. We execute and deliver on the vision we create in conjunction with our clients.