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The public face of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

.BCon is a communication and compliance framework which enables you to keep everyone informed of the status of the key elements of your business whatever they be.

  • IT Systems
  • Communication systems
  • Business services
  • Building services
  • Security
  • People
  • Suppliers
  • Customers

Firms have a duty to do everything possible to ensure your business is continuous.  The British Standard code of practice for business continuity (BS25999) requires that you :

  • proactively  improve your organisation's resilience against the disruption of it's ability to achieve it's key objectives; and
  • deliver a proven capability to manage a business disruption and protect the organisation's reputation and brand

BCon is the communications piece of your Business Continuity strategy. It is the public face of business continuity in your firm.

BCon is a tool for everyone

BCon is intuitive. Status informaton can be updated by anyone who needs to do so. This information can be read by anyone who needs to be kept informed

BCon is a cost effective solution with minimal maintenance and cost of ownership

BCon will find a place in any business contunuity and disaster recovery plan or strategy

BCon provides the necessary qualifications for demonstrating that you are doing all you can to avoid or mitigate the  impact of any disruption

BCon provides you with a full historic audit trail of any disruption that has occurred

BCon brings every element of your business to life in a single interface

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