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BCon enables communication to large groups of people. It excels as a communication tool in situations where information is known by a few but needs to be disseminated to many.

Each critical function within your organisation is represented by a visual icon on BCon. It provides visual status information , with varying levels of detail behind the visuals. It provides consistent pre-determined communication, and prevents unnecessary calls to help desks.

It prevents key indivduals being tied up communicating, giving a sense of control and organisation in what may be a chaotic situation.

BCon is a tool for everyone

BCon is intuitive. Status informaton can be updated by anyone who needs to do so. This information can be read by anyone who needs to be kept informed

BCon will find a place in any business contunuity and disaster recovery plan or strategy

BCon provides the necessary qualifications for demonstrating that you are doing all you can to avoid or mitigate the  impact of any disruption

BCon provides you with a full historic audit trail of any disruption that has occurred

BCon brings every element of your business to life in a single interface