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Information is the Holy Grail. Firms today invest enormous amounts of time and money capturing information in complex business applications.

Capturing - is a very apt word. For the most part, this is the state that information remains in, Captured.

Firms also spend inordinate amounts of money on Business Intelligence tools and Business Intelligence strategies. But despite best efforts, the information remains Captured.

Why is this?

Firstly, most Business Intelligence Tools are just that, they are a set of tools. A tool kit that will allow you to release your information, if you have the expert knowledge of the structures of the underlying applications that have captured the information in the first place.

Secondly, information is not a fixed thing. The information you require today may not be the information you will need tomorrow. Or indeed, the information you glean today, may lead you to seek additional information tomorrow, next week, next month. Who knows? That's the problem with information - you never know just what information it is you are going to need.

Why InfoPlus is the Answer to this conundrum

InfoPlus is two things.

Firstly, it is an expert information layer. We at Professional Plus understand the structures of your underlying applications. We have designed InfoPlus as a customised information layer which you can plug into your BI toolkit - thus giving you instant access to your information.

Secondly, InfoPlus is an adhoc information generator. Not all information can be contained within a report, much of the information you require is ad-hoc. InfoPlus is a wizard driven tool which releases that information captured within your applications. The output can be anything you like. It can be just the answer to the question you asked, or it can be a report. It's your choice as an individual user of InfoPlus, rather than the strategy imposed upon you by a rigid BI strategy.

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