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Application Management


Our Applications Management group ensures that the momentum of a business transformation programme is maintained through the provision of ongoing support and evolution programmes.

Rome wasn't built in a day .....

... as the saying goes. So it is with enterprise application implementations. You are not going to change the world overnight. Many firms make the mistake of trying to change everything during the implementation of a practice management or crm system. Often, just replacing your existing system is a big enough task to take on - without also changing the world around it.

Keep the momentum going

Why not put a policy in place to revisit the business drivers and processes surrounding your enterprise applications every year, two years, five years. This ensures that nothing becomes stale. You can pick up on working practices that are not delivering the return they should be. You can keep abreast of new releases being delivered by the suppliers of your enterprise applications.

Outsource the management

Often the ongoing management of these enterprise applications is a job for experts. The level of expertise is often not found within your typical lawfirm. Typically, the expertise is not something that is needed on a day to day basis, but only occassionally, making it very difficult for a firm to resource up for this requirement. Professional Plus Solutions provide a tailor made outsourcing solution to this challenge.

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