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Implementing a new Practice Management System is something a firm does only once every 10 to 15 years. Embarking on such a project is often a very daunting prospect. The project is high risk, not just because of the huge cost involved, but because the systems being replaced are at the very core of the firms every day needs.

We, on the other hand, have been implementing Practice  Management Solutions for law firms for over 10 years. Professional Plus Solutions is the only independent Practice Management implementation company in the UK.  We pride ourselves in having put together a team of professionals made up of the most experienced practice management implementers in the marketplace. This team has been drawn from the four corners of the globe and is unrivalled.

Our team of consultants has played a major part in most of the largest practice management implementations in the UK over the past decade.

So whether you are looking to outsource the entire implementation of your practice management system, or you would like to bolster your team with one or two key individuals, we have the person or the team to meet your needs. Our team can contain any number of people, with any mix of skills, for any length of time, all tailored to meet the needs of your particular project.

Our team have experience of every element of the implementation, from project management, to data conversion, business process analysis and change management, training, end user support, integration, bespoke development, report writing and KPI development. Professional Plus Solutions consultants can de-risk your project by bringing with us our wealth of experience and formal methodologies to fast-track you through the process.

This is a unique approach. Our team becomes your team, working in partnership with you and your suppliers to ensure the successful completion of your implementation.

Call or email us today to arrange for one of our project managers to talk to you about what your needs are and how we can look to assist you.

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